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This app lets you access WhatsApp Web on your mobile phone or tablet. It has full support for sending audio and pictures / video, no ads, full working runtime permissions for sending pictures, videos and voice messages.

Use it whenever you want to use another WhatsApp account via Whatsapp Web on your phone. E.g. if you have a work and a private phone you can use both WhatsApp accounts on both via Whatsapp Web. Or if you forgot to charge your phone before going out with friends, just connect WhatsappWeb To Go on your friends phone, leave yours at home charging and answer messages anyway!

With a clean and easy interface it’s fun to use – it even shows up as running on an android phone on the phone where whatsapp is installed!

Just connect your phone as you would on your computer on

The keyboard is blocked from popping up, otherwise it would open everytime you click on a chat. To unbock it, press the keyboard icon on the top right. Use the same icon to block it again. The app will remember your choice.