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OG WhatsApp app is a more advanced and modified version of the original WhatsApp. This allows users to run two WhatsApp account simultaneously on an Android device.

How to run OG WhatsApp on Dual number on Android phone

  • First, you need to back up all the important data from mobile
  • Then you need to download OG WhatsApp on your phone. Next, you have to go to settings and clear the cache memory.
  • The next step is to take the path of WhatsApp and rename it to “OGWHATSAPP”. And then you have to uninstall the official WhatsApp from the mobile.
  • Now you need to install OG WhatsApp on your smartphone/device. It will ask you for a mobile number during installation. Enter the number you used before. Now your number is used. You can start chatting with this number on OGWHATSAPP.
  • Now you will have to install a new version of WhatsApp on your smartphone to use another number. You will ask for the phone number during the installation and you will give the new number.
  • After completing the whole process with the number, now you can use both the numbers on your smartphone.

OG WhatsApp app has some great features that will make you excited to use it

  • You can use two different WhatsApp accounts with different numbers on the same phone.
  • There are More themes to customize the application.
  • Longer status messages.
  • You can hide notifications.
  • You can easily send larger videos, images, and audios
  • Set passwords to be able to access certain chats.
  • OG WhatsApp support to send more types of file formats, such as eBooks for instance.
  • you can hide your connection status.
  • You can send unzipped images, preserving their original quality.
  • Lots of new emojis are available here.
  • It has great data backup and recovery options.
  • You can Preview images and videos without downloading them.

This app is rich in all features and benefits and anyone would love to use it.